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Meet Nicole Christina, the Vibrant Voice Behind the 'Zestful Aging Podcast'

Meet Nicole Christina, the experienced psychotherapist and dynamic host of the 'Zestful Aging Podcast'. After touching lives in her therapy sessions for over 30 years, she now echoes her wisdom across 106 countries through her podcast. Nicole's fascinating guests range from filmmakers to scientists, all demonstrating that aging is about growing better, not just older. This belief fuels her passion for 'Zestful Aging Coaching', where she helps people design engaging and peaceful lives as they age. She's also the author of 'Not Just Chatting', sharing her interviewing expertise to inspire the next generation of podcast hosts. With Nicole, age is just a number - the journey is what truly counts.


About the Podcast


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Zestful Aging Podcast

Aging is an art, and Nicole Christina, a seasoned psychotherapist with 30 years of experience, masterfully guides you through this beautiful journey on her 'Zestful Aging Podcast. Listen to engaging, enlightening, and inspiring conversations as Nicole converses with a variety of guests. Each one is living their best life, demonstrating that growing old is not about counting the years, but making the years count with continued growth and personal betterment.
Join Nicole and her inspiring guests on this beautiful journey of life. Start finding joy in every moment, living a life filled with zest, and embracing the art of aging with grace today.

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