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Zestful Aging Podcast is a multi award winning interview show heard in 106 countries. More than 350 interviews strong, Nicole Christina’s guests are change makers from a variety of disciplines; filmmakers, writers, advocates, poets, musicians, scientists, athletes and entrepreneurs, many of whom are top experts in their fields. She calls herself “the Terry Gross of aging well.”
The Podcast is also broadcast on NPR at www.wcny.org/communityfm/.


Zestful Aging
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Not Just Chatting: How to Become a Master Podcast Interviewer

“Bravo! Who would have thought such a vast variety of ways to be entertained, educated, soothed, and best of all to connect with our humanity, via the podcast generation, could be written up in such a concise, simple, accessible, way—if you are just beginning, thinking about, or even have been doing podcasts for a while, this book is your tool to highlight and absorb.”—Sandra Fish Actor/Writer, Co-founder of Humane Prison Hospice Project

From the host of the acclaimed Zestful Aging Podcast, learn how to up your podcast interview game and create a podcast that stands out in the crowd.

Want to create a podcast that stands out from the 2 million podcasts currently available? Create compelling, intimate podcast interviews that will be enriching and memorable for your audience, your guest, and for you. Nicole Christina, author of “Not Just Chatting: How to Become a Master Podcast Interviewer” and host of the acclaimed Zestful Aging Podcast will show you how.

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